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0 [Infographic] Theatre vs Film

What could be more special than a night at the theatre? With many stories having both on-screen and on-stage performances, which venue has proved to be the most popular with punters over the years?

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0 The 14 Best Vegan Restaurants In London

If you’re not already vegan or vegetarian, you probably know a few people who are. And finding somewhere in London that’ll cater to the dairy, meat and egg-free people in your group isn’t always the easiest thing. Most London restaurants will have a few vegan options on their menu, but…

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4 Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in London

Summertime is a rare and wonderful anomaly in this city, somehow it always manages to catch us by surprise. Now that we’re knee deep in the middle of it, every opportune moment should be taken to break out the sandals and ray bans, and bask in the sunshine. And what…

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0 21 Things To Do On The Islands Of Malta

Malta sits between Sicily and the North African coast. It’s actually an archipelago of three islands. Most of the population lives on Malta, while the second largest, Gozo, is known for its beaches and scenery. Comino, the smallest island, is just 3.5 square kilometres. There’s no cars and only one…

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